Your partner for shaping Industry 4.0 cybersecurity solutions!


In an era of digital transformation, manufacturing companies are more reliant than ever on innovative technologies. But with increasing networking, the risk of cyber threats is also increasing. The security of production processes should always be a top priority.

Why is cybersecurity in production so crucial?

At a time when smart factories and connected machines are becoming the norm, production facilities are increasingly the target of cyberattacks. Why? Because they are often seen as a gateway to IT. The consequences of data leaks or production downtime can be devastating. Our focus is on protecting your Industry 4.0 environment and giving you the freedom to concentrate on your business goals.

Cybersecurity trends such as the convergence of IT and OT, increased cloud adoption, or tighter regulations such as NIST / NIS2 or the Cyber Resilience Act, cannot be overlooked. Our solutions not only take these developments into account, but also set standards for the changing rules of the game in the OT security market. We are at the forefront of ensuring that your production facilities are not only secure and resilient, but also future-proof. For us, security and innovation go hand in hand - trust TRIOVEGA as your partner for success in the digital era of production!


For almost 25 years, we have been developing solutions for our customers' production-related challenges as part of a dedicated international team.

In line with our purpose, "we digitalize and protect our customers' products and processes for a sustainable future." we see ourselves as a premium provider of digital solutions that create high customer value.

In addition to our edge.PORTFOLIO, our dedicated Professional Service team offers you individual solutions for your specific challenges. The team can draw on many years of special expertise and process understanding to develop, implement, and provide models, simulations, and embedded software.