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It pays off moving the right levers!

The manufacturing industry is currently facing a variety of challenges that threaten the sector's growth and profitability. These include supply chain disruptions, cybersecurity risks, economic volatility, increasing environmental regulations, and a shortage of skilled labor. It is therefore crucial that companies are agile and proactive to meet these challenges and remain successful.

This is exactly where our Premium Services come in, combining proven and innovative practices to make your business even more successful. As an example: in a recent customer project, service.factoryINSIGHTS led to 95% faster fault identification. In addition to minimizing errors, the customer was able to achieve an increase in quality with a simultaneous reduction in costs.

First questions we ask in this context

Are there specific inefficiencies in your production process?
Do you have a need for optimization in your production?
Are you able to quickly react based on data-driven decisions?

Our approach to service.factoryINSIGHTS

With service.factoryINSIGHTS, we offer concrete recommendations for action to sustainably optimize manufacturing processes. Production-specific challenges and inefficiencies are identified through a comprehensive data-based analysis.

Together, we develop solution approaches that

  • Reduce errors
  • Reduce scrap
  • Save energy

and consequently lead to a higher cost efficiency.

How deep can you dive into your production data?

On request, we design key metrics for the targeted monitoring of manufacturing processes. These support the identification of deviations and provide insights for early correction before it becomes really expensive (e.g. by damages of manufacturing equipment).

Let's find out jointly and in a structured way where we can start!

During an initial consultation, the biggest problems in your production are discussed in a personal meeting. Targets and the data product are defined. Subsequently, the actual analysis takes place. The current data basis is checked for suitability and, if necessary, recommendations are made which additional sensors / measuring points should be established. Optionally, at this point already a consultation for developing key metrics and supporting the installation of further metering points takes place.

The central work package is the statistical recommendation, which consists of

  • Data mapping and data analysis
  • Identification of "hotspots"
  • Recommendations for action

Optionally, we support your production specialists in the development of approaches to solving the problem or even the elimination of weak spots or errors. If desired, we can also perform a final effectiveness analysis and develop "cheat sheets" for your systems, which document the most common errors and the corresponding solutions.

Did we catch your interest? Then let us work out in a structured way where we can start!

You would like to know more about service.factoryINSIGHTS?

service.factoryINSIGHTS helps you optimize your business processes and making your decisions based on sound data. In this brochure, we explain how we can accompany you from problem analysis to solution implementation. Read on to learn more about our data science services!